The company is able to offer its customers two distinct product lines:

  • the first is focused on the skin-care sector, with a range of more than two hundred standard containers, including jars and bottles of various capacities and shapes;
  • the second involves the manufacture of packaging and exclusive special items created for the most prestigious names in the demanding perfumery sector.

The most significant manufacturing technologies employed include injection blow mouldinginjection moulding and overmoulding.

Our know-how and manufacturing plant currently allow us to use of a wide range of certified raw materials, from the most traditional (polyolefins, styrenes, butadienes, acrylics) to technopolymers (various polyester extrusions, polyamides, ionomers, elastomers etc.). We also produce special items in aluminium, glass and zamak.

Particular attention is paid to the care and protection of the finished product through the use of packaging and wrapping techniques aimed at preserving the product’s integrity during transport and storage.