Quality Policy

The management of G. Candiani S.r.l. considers it of fundamental importance for the future of its company to focus on the satisfaction of its customers.

In order to ensure this over time, the management intends to operate on the basis of the following guiding principles:

  • ensure full and constant compliance with legal and contractual requirements, with a view to offering customers products and services thatmeet their requirements;
  • maintain constant monitoring of the reference market to identify risks and business opportunities;
  • ensure internal and external communication as a necessity for theproper functioning of business processes;
  • provide support to all staff in order to identify opportunities for process improvementand also tohighlight critical issues that limit the effectiveness of daily activities;
  • provide constant support for individual professional development by focusing on training needs and planningappropriate mentoring, training and coaching;
  • maintain working conditions in terms of health and safety, inline with the external reference context;
  • ensure constant monitoring of suppliers and outsourcers, in order toestablish effective partnerships over time;
  • ensure, through a periodic review of the company’s management system, the necessary impetus for continuous improvement of processes, products and services rendered.