Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics contains the ethical principles and general rules which, like those laid down in law, regulations and contracts, characterise the organisation and activity and must be complied with by all those who act in the name and on behalf of the Company, and who are in contact with it in any way.

In fact, the Company aims to maintain an adequate level of correctness and ethics both in the conduct of its activities and in its relations with third parties in any capacity and in any form involved in the business activity.

More specifically, the Company has always taken corporate ethics as its primary value, to convey a message of loyalty, correctness and respect, within the context of the albeit significant dynamics and requirements of an entrepreneurial and economic nature, and above all to represent a point of reference in the social dynamics and development of the Italian system.

Furthermore, this Code is a valid prerequisite and founding element of organisational and control models, aimed at preserving levels of organisation, efficiency and quality in the company and, at the same time, as a suitable tool for the prevention of any unlawful conduct and offences.